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  • Cajun seasoned mashed chick peas, cheese and Taco Bell Spicy Ranchero sauce in a sundried tomato tortilla quesadilla. Nice brunch.
    profile 25 minutes ago
  • Registered for the Nike Women's Marathon! Woot woot!
    profile 1 hour ago
  • Good night mom! (Smile and pose) "intee sayra Daloo3a" I'm stummped...huh?? Aywaaa! Corey, ou MA coreyyy! .... mom, I haven't known any Corys since high school...... Cory MA kors, like your purses. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO. IT JUST so dawned on me, my recent purchase of a "Michael kors" purse. So, yeah...#boaterwithcollegedegree
    profile 1 hour ago
  • profile 3 hours ago
  • Looking for a second shooter to partner up with for a wedding in November. Must have experience and equipment. Hit me up!
    profile 3 hours ago
  • hahaa best quote thua far "jessica,play the asshole song"
    profile 4 hours ago
  • Finally, back in the bay!!
    profile 5 hours ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 6 hours ago
  • Monday Funday in the Clem
    profile 9 hours ago
  • Just started my 6 day weekend right meoooow.
    profile 10 hours ago
  • New job, new place to live, new beginnings... Life is good :)
    profile 12 hours ago
  • learning the hard way that patience is not my thing...
    profile 17 hours ago
  • I've made it to my place in Santa Cruz safely! Thanks to all my friends and family who made this possible. Here's to a new adventure!
    profile 1 day ago
  • i am all alone no family this my Growing pain one famliy but they in heaven R.I.P. to my big bro and my angel niece true person love u to so so much
    profile 1 day ago
  • Told our boss we needed gas, he laughed so we ran the work truck out of gas. Good thing were still on the work site
    profile 1 day ago
  • events Janis Martin added a new place event Lamb Chop Wednesdays
  • New phone I need your numbers! Please message me please please! Me so lonelyyy!
    profile 1 day ago
  • Thinking about getting rid of the of my Xbox 360 since I only play my PS4 when ever I have time.
    profile 1 day ago
  • If this girl asks me one more question about how to fill out her application, such as what the difference between the "make" and "model" of a car is, or if kicking her drunk uncle out of her cousin's wedding falls under the category of "security experience," or if living with her grandma could be considered "renting," or if she could use my white out AGAIN because she accidentally wrote an "m" instead of an "r," I'm going to lose my shit. I'm usually very patient with these things but 1. It's too damn early, 2. I'm going to tell the hiring manager she's too incompetent anyways, and 3. I'm just cranky today. #ByeFelicia
    profile 1 day ago
  • Belly is so excited!
    profile 1 day ago
  • It's officially summer for this girl! How am I already a SENIOR in college?!Time flies!!!
    profile 1 day ago
  • الى روح والدتي العزيزة سليمة قاقيش
    أقول ما قاله فولتير يوما:
    لو جردناالمرأة من كل فضيلة. . لكفاها فخرا أنها تمثل شرف الأمومة. .
    فهي الوحيدة التي تمنحك الحب والحنان والرعاية وسهر الليالي من دون مقابل...وأني احن اليها والى خبرها وقهوتها وجلساتها ...وكل عام وانت خير ام أينما كنت الان....وتهانيا لكل ام اعرفها او لم أتعرف عليها... وحسبك شرفاً وعزة وفخرا ان تكوني اليوم اما...وكل عام وانتن بألف حب
    profile 1 day ago
  • Early morning workout, then a full day of studying for a midterm exam tomorrow and working on a research paper. Yay, school.
    profile 1 day ago
  • I lost all my contacts :( Text me!
    profile 2 days ago
  • I love this so much.

    “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."

    - Jim Carrey
    profile 2 days ago