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Recent activities

  • HOLY HOTTTNESS! Thank you babies for helping me with my catalog project! Had to post pre-edited because of how fab you guys are. Love you, thank you to infinity
    profile 1 hour ago
  • I realized the only things I can be for Halloween are Skrillex, deadmau5, or a Raver, thats it thats my only three options...maybe Daft Punk, Id be Xilent but I dont think anyone would get the reference
    profile 1 hour ago
  • TRICK 'R CHIVE by Chive On Detroit!

    Better hurry and get a ticket before they are gone!

    profile 3 hours ago
  • Little late...but thank you all for the birthday wishes! The day was full of food, drinks, pampering, and family time! ☀️
    profile 4 hours ago
  • Best Halloween party thus far!
    profile 5 hours ago
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    • picturethiscity-243
    photos 5 hours ago
  • Spirit airline sucks lol
    profile 5 hours ago
  • so excited for tomorrow! going to necto with my besties!!! Taisha Smith and Dionte Hardy!!!! totally cant wait!!!
    profile 6 hours ago
  • profile 6 hours ago
  • Where can I get some el wire for my totem? (I think that's what it's called) I need it by Saturday for bassnectar! I don't need a lot if anyone has any extra laying around I'll throw u a few dollars or w/e. #DABALLEY
    profile 7 hours ago
  • Gimmie, that Sticky, Drippy, sweet sweet bass #NASTYNASTY! First Light Research Gladkill and Sugarpill's new label Foundations Recordings present NastyNasty, KMLN, NICO LUMINOUS, Bedrockk, DJ Oscure, and JMart at The Legendary Park Plaza right by MacArthur Park the heart of #LA!

    Songkick.com #Songkick Songkick Last.fm Scrobbler #Lastfm LAist #LAist INTO THE AM #IntotheAM ThisSongSlaps.com #Thissongslaps Thissongissick.com #Thissongissick MetroWize #MetroWize The Scenestar #Scenestar Resident Advisor #ResidentAdvisor Electronic Music Family - LessThan3 #Lessthan3 LessThan3 LA Weekly #LAWeekly #LAWeekly Glitch Hop #GlitchHop Made in Glitch Glitch.FM #Glitchfm FutureGarage #Futuregarage EDMTunes #EDMTunes The EDM Network #TheEDMNetwork EDMT #EDMT Glitch hop and midtempo #Midtempo Midtempo TrapStyle #Trapstyle Trap City #Trapcity Real Trap Undrgrnd #RealTrapUndrgrnd #Trill SoundCloud SoundCloud #soundcloud Mixcloud #Mixcloud Mixmag #Mixmag DJ Mag #DJmag UKF UKF Drum & Bass UKF Dubstep UKF Bass Culture UKF Live #UKF Lightning in a Bottle #LightninginaBottle Lightning in a Bottle EDM Movement Worlwide ღ Events, Record Labels, edm shows,& Promos/Magz✔ Los Angeles EDM Edm La Spotlight EDM #SpotlightEDM EDM Sauce
    profile 10 hours ago
  • "She acts without doing anything
    and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and she lets them come;
    things disappear and she lets them go.
    She has but doesn't possess,
    acts but doesn't expect.
    When her work is done, she forgets it.
    That is why it lasts forever."
    profile 11 hours ago
  • profile 12 hours ago
  • I have a pretty awesome job....with some pretty kick a$$ chicks ^_^
    profile 12 hours ago
  • I'm soooooo very excited for tonight!!!!
    profile 14 hours ago
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    • 29 Park & Chive Unite 10.24.2014  (102)
    photos 14 hours ago
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    • 29 Park & Chive Unite 10.24.2014  (147)
    photos 14 hours ago
  • Off to Mon Jin Lau tonight for Yelloween !!!
    profile 22 hours ago
  • Where'd ya go? I miss you so. Seems like its been forever, since you've been gone...Please come back home...
    profile 1 day ago
    profile 1 day ago
  • I'm about to beat Mitchell in nhl 15

    buh lee dat
    profile 1 day ago
  • Birthday extravaganza begins today!!! See you ladies in a little!!
    profile 1 day ago
  • Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you all success, health and happiness!
    profile 1 day ago
  • I need 2 girls tonight for an event downtown at the Detroit Cocktail Classic to host from 6-10 ... pay is 75$ cash ... Please message me if interested ASAP ----easy Mula !
    profile 1 day ago
  • profile 1 day ago
  • NO MORE Midterms!!! Celebrating
    profile 1 day ago
  • Pickles and milkshakes.
    profile 1 day ago