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Places Category : Pool Party

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Lustre Rooftop Garden

Lustre Rooftop Garden

Located at Hotel Palomar


http://www.allanandfriends.com - Looking for wedding entertainer and party events in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur? We are one of the main suppliers for children and family entertainment services.
Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

  www.aaanotableevents.com - We have been providing quality entertainment and party rentals since ...
Maya Day & Nightclub

Maya Day & Nightclub

Maya Day & Nightclub, located in the heart of the entertainment district in Scottsdale, Arizona is the ultimate entertainment Day/Nightclub in the Southwest. The worlds biggest and best DJs, Live Music, and Events all in one place.
Big Surf Waterpark

Big Surf Waterpark

Did you know that Big Surf Waterpark opened on October 24, 1969? In 1965, four years before the “surf center” opened, it was just an idea thought of by a man named Phil Dexter. Dexter took that idea and in 1966 built the first model of his wave machine…in his backyard! The following year he built a larger-scaled model in an abandonded billiards hall in Phoenix. A fully engineered model was built later in 1967, and in the same yea ...