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Places Category : College

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MSU Auditorium

MSU Auditorium

  MSU on Facebook     ...
Med Grow Cannabis College

Med Grow Cannabis College

MEDGROW on Facebook     v style="te <span>...</span>"
Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Welcome to Central You\\\'ve got to be here to understand why CMU feels like home to so many people. Our park-like campus in the middle of Mount Pleasant is a relaxing place to study, meet up with friends over a cup of coffee, or just enjoy the serene beauty of nature. span style="color: #ff <span>...</span>"
EMU Convocation Center

EMU Convocation Center

EMU CONVOCATION CENTER on Facebook     span style="font-family <span>...</span>"
ASU Memorial Union

ASU Memorial Union

When the MU first opened its doors in 1956, the facility offered 109,000 square feet accommodating the nearly 6,000 enrolled students. A plaque near the north entrance doorway lists the major donors who contributed to the initial construction. ASU chose the name \ ...
Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY on Facebook     . v style="text-alig <span>...</span>"